Top 50 Blogs by Paramedics

Paramedics, when they blog about their jobs, can be a realistic lot…but they also may dole out humor, sarcasm and/or satire when writing about their daily routine as emergency medics. Other paramedic blogs talk about their career paths and still others write about how to stay safe and fit. In all cases, these top 50 blogs written by paramedics show a real passion for a career that is dangerous, courageous and heroic.

ParamedicU.S. Paramedic Blogs

  1. 510 Medic: This blogger has been working in EMS for nearly 10 years, the past 6 as a paramedic.
  2. 9-ECHO-1: “Son to my mother, husband to my wife, father to my kids, and paramedic to the masses.”
  3. A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver: By day he is a mild-mannered paramedic, writer and educator. At night…
  4. Burned-Out Medic: This blogger is a paramedic in a large urban area with a significant indigent population.
  5. Confessions of a Baby Medic: A brand-new paramedic is thrilled with this career and writing about it.
  6. Drug-Induced Hallucinations: A paramedic writes about his job and all the tips and tidbits you might expect from this exciting profession.
  7. Life Under the Lights: This active paramedic is a social media addict.
  8. Looking Through A Pair Of Pink Handled Trauma Shears: This blogger has been in the field for almost nine years; six as an EMT-Basic and 3 as a paramedic.
  9. MaddogMedic: This blog represents the “life and times of a come-lately paramedic.”
  10. Minimedic’s Blog: This part-time paramedic is an Army officer wife and a blogger.
  11. My Variables Only Have 6 Letters: Software engineer by day, paramedic by day too, and nights, and weekends…
  12. Paramedic Pulp Fiction: This blogger hopes to present vignettes of the life to which a Paramedic bears witness.
  13. Paramedic (Ultra)-Marathoner: This paramedic started running in 2006 after winning a Biggest Loser Program, then he turned his attention to want to run a 10k.
  14. Pedro the Paramedic: Pedro is an urban paramedic with a passion for his job.
  15. Pink, Warm and Dry: This mom who cusses and has a hard time sleeping is passionate about her paramedic career.
  16. Rescue Monkey: This blogger chronicles life on the streets as a paramedic.
  17. Street Watch: These paramedic’s notes are a diary of his job and scene calls.
  18. The MacMedic: A diary of a paramedic who has been in this career for 30 years.

FirefighterArea-Specific U.S. Paramedic Blogs

  1. BurningTiger – Reborn! Observations by a “humble paramedic” about EMS and daily New Orleans life.
  2. Firefighter/Paramedic Stories: These are some of the stories, experiences and ramblings of a firefighter/paramedic working in California.
  3. Gomerville: Buckman is a paramedic and an organ donor coordinator working in the “wilds of Kentucky.”
  4. Life in Manch Vegas: Walt is a husband, father and paramedic. Oh, yes — he’s also a musician, a computer geek, a clown and a former marine…
  5. medicTHREE: A 26-year-old husband, father and paramedic in the upper Midwest plies his trade in a city of about 170,000 people.
  6. MsParamedic: This blogger is a small town Southern girl and paramedic for a small private service.
  7. Prehospital 12-Lead ECG: Tom Bouthillet is a Fire Lieutenant / Paramedic with Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue (Hilton Head Island, SC) where he has served since August of 1997.
  8. Rescuing Providence: Michael Morse started this Blog in 2006, thinking people would be interested in learning what happens inside an advanced life support vehicle in Providence, RI.
  9. Scenes from the Ambulance: A paramedic in the 911 system in Alameda County, CA writes about his job.
  10. The Happy Medic: The Happy Medic is an active duty Firefighter/Paramedic with one of the nation’s busiest fire departments in San Francisco, California.
  11. Too Old To Work, Too Young To Retire: This blog is all about paramedicine, guns, politics and “a little Country Western Music,” from a paramedic working in “a largish city in the Northeast corner of the U.S.”

AmbulanceParamedic Blogs Outside the U.S.

  1. ER24: ER24 EMS (Pty) Ltd. Is a private, national, emergency medical care service, committed to providing South Africans with efficient, effective emergency response and pre-hospital care.
  2. Insomniac Medic: A paramedic working for the London Ambulance Service writes this blog about “ambulance related stuff.”
  3. Licensed to Ill: A German paramedic and fire/EMS dispatcher tells magnificent EMS tales.
  4. Life in the Fast Lane: This blog is by Australasian emergency physicians and intensivists “exploring the changing world of eLearning, emergency medicine, critical care and toxicology through clinical cases, fictionalized anecdotes and medical satire.”
  5. Medic 999: This 30-something operation Paramedic Team Leader in the UK has been a paramedic for the past 10 years and, prior to that, he was a Registered Nurse.
  6. Ontario Medic: OntarioMedic is a place to find news, training, events, stories of paramedics in action and all things paramedic in Ontario, Canada.
  7. Ramblings of a Tassie Paramedic: An ambulance paramedic writes about trauma in Tasmania.
  8. Random Acts of Reality: This paramedic is trying to “kill as few people as possible” as a London paramedic.
  9. Siren Voices: This blog is a record of some of the people and situations that I come across in this blogger’s role as EMT with an ambulance service in the UK.
  10. The Paramedic’s Diary: This blog is a record of the working life of a London ambulance paramedic.
  11. Trauma Queen: Kal is a paramedic located in Edinburgh…he has “horrible stories, brilliantly written.”

TraumaParamedic Student and Learning Blogs

  1. Fit Responder: Written by Bryan Fass, the Fit Responder Program is designed to identify and correct the rigors of a career in public safety.
  2. Flobach Republic: This student paramedic writes about the routine in Western Australia.
  3. GrantLifeLink Blog: News from the EMS department at Grant Medical Center in Ohio. The department provides clinical, educational and operational resources for EMS professionals.
  4. Medic 22: This blogger works on a BLS transport unit and is a full-time paramedic student.
  5. MedicDude’s Paramedic Blog: Information about paramedic and the NREMT paramedic exam.
  6. My Paramedic Blog: The personal notes of a blogger on the road to becoming a paramedic.
  7. On The Clock: On the Clock is a semi-autobiographical fiction written by a 21 year old EMT/nursing student from the great state of Virginia.
  8. Paramedic Blog: Dan White, a paramedic since 1977 and an instructor since 1981, writes for paramedics rather than about them.
  9. Paramedic Spot: A blog that outlines EMS history and training.
  10. Student Paramedic: A 51-year-old married man studying to be a paramedic writes this blog.