Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?

Why are you exploring the nursing profession? The most frequent answer to that question is “to help people,” which I’m quite sure also tells much of the story about why you became a paramedic. There’s always more to it than that, but the basic reason revolves around helping people.  Other reasons for exploring nursing probably involve making more money, working in a safer environment, having more knowledge and responsibilities as well as more opportunities for advancement and leadership.

All of those are quite true. They also come with greater sacrifices and expectations. It’s very important to understand this point before you jump into a nursing program. First there’s a long, challenging and time-consuming learning process. You have to be good at math and science. That includes algebra, statistics, chemistry and anatomy and physiology.  You have to be able to read at a tenth-grade level at the least, and be fluent in the language of the nursing program. In the U.S. that means English, both spoken and written language. Being bilingual is a plus!

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