Is it Too Late to Start a Nursing Program?


Switching careers later in life can be intimidating, but the great news is that you’re not alone. There are always a variety of students in nursing and nursing bridge programs, ranging from fresh out of high school, to people in their 60’s on up! Age truly is a state of mind, and there are several advantages to having a few more years on your side.

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Top 50 Blogs by Paramedics

Paramedics, when they blog about their jobs, can be a realistic lot…but they also may dole out humor, sarcasm and/or satire when writing about their daily routine as emergency medics. Other paramedic blogs talk about their career paths and still others write about how to stay safe and fit. In all cases, these top 50 blogs written by paramedics show a real passion for a career that is dangerous, courageous and heroic.

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