How Education and Retention Affect Ongoing Nursing Shortage

The nursing profession continues to grow and will continue to experience a shortage well into the next decade. Yes, it’s true there are new nurse grads who cannot find jobs. However, there are many factors that can be the reason this. Not the least of which is competition and how well those applicants measure up on paper and in interviews and employer testing. Other issues include nurses wanting to work and live in large popular cities where there is an abundance of nurses vs. working in small communities and even rural areas where the demand exists.

In addition to the geographic issues, if hospitals and other health care employers are going to pay top dollar salaries, they’re going to expect top candidates. The main priority for employers is most often BSN-prepared nurses. Students from the few remaining diploma nursing programs and those from Associate Nursing programs who cannot find a job would be well advised to continue with their education right away and obtain a BSN. If their sites are on a more advance nursing practice, they would be well-advised to stay in school and go for it now.

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Is it Too Late to Start a Nursing Program?


Switching careers later in life can be intimidating, but the great news is that you’re not alone. There are always a variety of students in nursing and nursing bridge programs, ranging from fresh out of high school, to people in their 60’s on up! Age truly is a state of mind, and there are several advantages to having a few more years on your side.

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