The Scope of Practice is Different for RNs

In transitioning from one health care provider role to another it is vital to understand the differences in the Scope of Practice for each role. The scope of practice is defined asa description of the specific actions, procedures, and processes that a healthcare practitioner is permitted to undertake in keeping with the terms of their specific professional license. It is based on the level of training and education required for licensure.

The scope of practice is built on the knowledge base and level of skills, education and training required by that licensure. For the paramedic making the transition to Registered Nurse there will be some overlap in the scope of practice from one field to another.  And there will be some actions, procedures and processes that will not be part of the scope of practice for RNs. It is important to recognize this issue and to be acutely aware of the differences. The paramedic who has advanced to an RN is now held to the RN scope of practice and could be disciplined and/or held liable for a violation of the scope s/he is now working under.

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