Paramedic To RN

Paramedics are medical professionals that mainly deal with emergency medical situations. The paramedic profession is an integral part of providing advanced pre-hospital care for the traumatized and injured after emergency occurrences. It is not a career for the fainthearted. Professionals are always on the run trying to catch up with emergency health cases. However, as much as the job is very engaging, it is highly rewarding. Those who pursue this particular nursing career choose it out of their strong passion. It is one that demands total commitment and dedication.

Since it is a life-sacrificing vocation, it brings out a great difference on the lives of those attended to. In order for you to get to greener pastures as a paramedic, it is important for you to become a registered nurse. This way, you will be exposed in the nursing field and build a better rapport with your profession. Most of the paramedics who have gone places are those that trained as registered nurses. It is a profession that demands for hospitable and caring hands.

If you have a passion for helping people in need, and at the same time need a rewarding career, then this is a very good career choice. The average salary of a Paramedic is approximately $38,000 per annum. However, it depends on the persons resume and their number of years of experience. The frequency (in hours) at which a paramedic works in a week ranges between forty five and 60 hours.

In contrast, the starting salary of an RN sums up to an average of $55,000 per annum .In addition to that, their working hours are highly predictable. As former paramedics become qualified RN’s, they look forward to more routine working conditions and better schedules. Paramedics deal with difficult critical and tragic cases like murder injuries, road accidents, and gun shots and so on.

As much as the RN and Paramedic professions are a bit similar, the Registered Nursing profession is quite better. The advantage is that once you become a Registered Health Nurse, you will get used to the working conditions with time. With the RN job, you nurses tend to have a stressful period which is in turn very rewarding. Since there are numerous nursing job opportunities, there is an increasing popularity of the Paramedic to RN programs.