Finding Your Passion- Choosing Nursing


Hi there! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Ashleigh and I’m excited to have been asked to join this blog to share my thoughts and opinions on nursing with you.

I’ve been an RN for over ten years and I’ve worked in a lot of different practice areas. The setting may have changed but two things that have stayed constant are my love for the profession and my excitement for encouraging others to become nurses (hence my eagerness to join this blog).

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to work in healthcare. I remember being given my first Fisher Price medical kit and playing “hospital” all the time. The stethoscope that came with the kit was one of my most cherished toys andstethoscope I loved pretending to listen to my “patients” heart and lung sounds. As I got older I wasn’t sure exactly what area of healthcare I wanted to hang my hat but I was frequently encouraged to become a physician… becoming a nurse wasn’t often a suggestion made by others unfortunately. It wasn’t until my mom had to have open heart surgery in my Junior year of high school that I realized that I was destined to become a nurse.

I remember the moment the cardiac surgeon came out to tell us that my mom had made it out of surgery. I was beyond scared for my mom (she was still in the ICU in critical condition) and unsure of what lay ahead and unfortunately; the surgeon’s bedside manner wasn’t the greatest. The nursing staff was the ones who helped me through the days following my mom’s surgery. I remember being so impressed with their skill and knowledge. They were able to balance this with the ability to provide superior physical care and emotional comfort to my mom and family. It was such an amazing realization that immediately shifted the course of my life… I was born to become a nurse.

Now I know not everyone has such a clear revelatory moment in their lives (wouldn’t it be nice if we did?!) but I think the important thing is finding that spark inside and listening to that inner voice that is calling you towards one of the greatest professions (in my humble opinion).

My hope moving forward is to help ignite that spark and grow the passion in the readers of this blog. I plan to share personal anecdotes, exciting news and important information and would love to hear from you if there is something specific you are hoping to hear.

While I’ve had lots of experience blogging over the years for other healthcare organizations and even for a stint on my own website (which was put on hold during my recent trip back to grad school). I’m excited to join this community and reach a different audience than before… I hope you find what you are looking for!

– Ashleigh, RN, MN, CON(C)