6 Useful Web Apps to Stay Healthy Year-Round

Web based health apps and services now are carving out a massive scope for citizens who are quite health conscious. These apps are very helpful to tackle various inefficiencies prevalent in the health care system and can be used for medical diagnosis and practice.

  1. Global Atlas: This is an application provided by WHO’s Communicable Disease Global Atlas for analysis and comparison of standardized data and statistics for various infectious diseases at country, regional and global levels. Data is further supported from information on demography, socioeconomic conditions and environmental factors. In doing so, Atlas takes patterns of various infectious diseases and how they’re transmitted.
  2. Optimism Apps: The Company has sold software and online applications to mental health officials around 50 countries around the world. The application is now being deployed in fully-branded forms to organizations in North America, Europe and South East Asia.
  3. Ample Blood Project: This app is a fully working diagnostic assistant that can take clinical, blood values and output a likely diagnosis. It also describes tests, while comparing them against each other and describing diseases.  The use of this application exists with medical students, specifically in remote areas where it is difficult to reach a doctor.
  4. EGADSS: This is an open source tool which is designed to work in conjunction with primary care Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to provide patient specific point of care reminders to aid physicians to for the purpose of high quality care. It is developed as stand alone system which responses to requests from existing Electronic Medical Records such as Wolf, Med Access, and MedOff is to provide patient specific clinical guidance based on its internal collection of guidelines
  5. iStretch:  This app consists of a series of the office yoga exercises as precisely carved out to stretch muscles that become stiff due to immobility or repetitive movement of the body like excessive typing or having a mouse use.  Only five minutes with iStretch every day you one can get himself relived of back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder tension as well as wrist, arm and leg soreness. With the help of this application you would able to burn out fat, having increase in blood flow, alleviate headaches and reduce stress.
  6. Calorie Counter: The most appalling deterrent to efforts of weight loss is allure of good food. This application helps to resist effects of fried food and mayonnaise-drenched and delicious snacks. This particular application serves data from about 9,000 items from nearly 72 fast food restaurants. This data include calories, fat grams, fiber, carbs and protein.