17 Interesting Paramedics Worth a Follow on Twitter

The field of paramedics is one that is growing and that is quite interesting. The actual duties of a paramedic and the training required differs by country. In the US, there are four levels of emergency pre hospital care, as defined by the US Department of Transportation, which is responsible for regulating emergency care education on a federal level. These levels include medical first responders, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate, and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic, the most advanced of the four levels. Paramedics working under the direction of emergency medical control physicians provide the most advanced level of emergency medical care available to the general public outside of a hospital setting. This level of emergency qualification requires special training, and typically an internship, as well.

Paramedics thrive on the adrenaline rush that comes from having to get to an emergency quickly and from saving a life.They often form a strong bond with the people they work with, likely because of the stress they endure together and the heart wrenching scenes they sometimes witness. A big part of surviving the emotional stress of being a paramedic is having the support of others in your field, because they understand exactly what you’re going through. If you’re new to the paramedic field, you might really enjoy keeping up with others who share your passion for lifesaving. This kind of connection can really be valuable, even if you don’t actually meet some of these paramedics in person. Some are very experienced in their field, while others are tweeting about their experiences learning their new job in the classroom and in the ambulance. Here are 19 paramedics on Twitter we think you’ll want to follow.

  1. Paramedic Daily: These paramedics in Palm Beach County Florida will keep you informed about their daily life saving activities.
  2. Sunstar EMS: Sunstar EMS is located in Pinellas County Florida.
  3. Stay Alive Paramedics: Stay Alive Paramedics are located in Victoria Australia.
  4. Pedro the Paramedic: Funny name, but some serious stuff here. We’re not sure where he’s from, but he tweets a lot.
  5. Paramedic Intern: This Twitter page is actually a journal by a paramedic intern. Follow his journey through learning this tough and rewarding job.
  6. Uni Paramedic: This is another student paramedic training in London with the London Ambulance Service.
  7. Parameditutor: This Tweeter teaches paramedic classes in London.
  8. Ugly Paramedic: Musings and ramblings of a paramedic. Some of his tweets are humorous, some are random, but some get to the heart of being a paramedic.
  9. Student Paramedic: Another paramedic student from London chronicles his education and experience.
  10. NREMT Paramedic: Follow this paramedic on his journeys to saving lives.
  11. Paramedic Emma: Female paramedic in Leeds England.
  12. TPA News: This Twitter page is for the Toronto Paramedics News. Keep up with what’s going on by following them.
  13. Essential EMS: This is another EMS and Paramedic News twitter site from Valencia California.
  14. Paramedic Association: Follow the Paramedic news from the Paramedics Association Ontario Canada.
  15. The Back of an Ambo: This paramedic tweets about patient experiences, and will give you great reason to celebrate right along with him when he saves a life.
  16. EMT Paramedics: This twitter account gives you information from one of the best paramedic study guides you can find. This is a great one to check out when you’re studying for your paramedic exam.
  17. NY Paramedic: Follow the adventures in life saving of this paramedic living in New York City.

Paramedics are a special breed. Not everyone can live with the stress and tension that comes in emergency situations. Those who are really good at it, however, actually thrive on this stress. Keep up with the news of your field and connect with people doing the job that you love by following other paramedics on Twitter.