Paramedics provide rapid response medical care in emergency situations, which often means speeding to the scene of an accident by ambulance, helicopter, or even plane, and providing medical care to stabilize a patient in relatively volatile environments. Providing care by the side of a busy street, on the side of a mountain, or even in the back of a speeding ambulance requires intense focus and the ability to remain calm in dire circumstances. A career as a paramedic will involve stretches of waiting and boredom punctuated by bursts of frantic activity, but the feeling of saving a life by getting someone to the hospital on time and in stable condition is often worth the ups and downs of working in this growing career field.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency medical treatment is provided both by paramedics in the field and by doctors and nurses at hospitals and clinics. The necessity of acting quickly to prevent the death or permanent disability of a patient with acute injury or illness makes emergency medicine stressful and intense, but also magnifies the rewards of success.

  1. American Board of Emergency Medicine

    ABEM is one of 24 different medical certification boards and has an emphasis on emergency medicine. The material throughout the site is designed to help those who are either already or are looking to become certified emergency physicians.

    Critical Info Publications

  2. Association of Emergency Physicians

    AEP is committed to being a source of continued improvement for emergency physicians. Another goal is to dispel myths that typically circulate throughout the medical community and provide a foundation for accurate and informative material.

    Critical Info AEP Positions On Healthcare Reform

  3. Emergency Medicine Foundation

    The mission of Emergency Medicine Foundation is to support emergency medicine research and assist in improving patient care and practice.

    Critical Info Message From The Chair

  4. American College of Emergency Physicians

    The American College of Emergency Physicians is an industry association for those who provide emergency medical treatment. The organization hosts meetings and networking events, provides continuing education and professional development opportunities and other services for its members.

    Critical Info About Us

  5. EMS World

    EMS World is a source for up-to-date news in the medical field. Aside from general medical news, categories are additionally broken down as Patient Care, Operations, Best Practices, and even Your EMS Life, among others.

    Critical Info Your EMS Life

  6. The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine

    The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine is a forum for discussing various practices and attempts to funnel all of the different ideas and opinions into a manner that is intuitive for those in the emergency medicine field.

    Critical Info Additional Resources

  7. Emergency Medicine Literature of Note

    This blog looks at particularly notable entries in medical journals and compiles them here for discussion. The author of EMLN wants to create a forum for discussing issues in the medical field.

    Critical Info Poolede CCTA Outcomes

  8. Boring EM

    Boring EM aims to help himself, as well as the reader, with content that is perhaps less engrossing than other medical subjects and present it in a way that will make it less burdensome to learn.

    Critical Info Injecting Into The (Carpal) Tunnel

  9. Academic Life in Emergency Medicine

    ALEM is part of a larger group of networks called FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation), which is a group that is moving medical information to open-source, so that those in the medical field can be better educated. ALEM specializes in the emergency medicine aspect of this.

    Critical Info PV Cards

  10. Tales from the Serenity Now Hospital

    Tales From The Serenity Now Hospital are stories from inside the community of ER physicians and all of the crazy nights they have on the job.

    Critical Info Valentine’s Day

  11. Grunt Doc

    In the Marine Corps, apparently members of the infantry are affectionately known as “Grunts”. Grunt Dog, a former Marine Corps doctor, details his life after the marine corps and as an emergency room doctor.

    Critical Info Incoherent Support for “The Public Plan”

  12. Emergency Medicine Solution for Children (EMSC) National Resource Center

    EMSC National Resource Center is aimed at ensuring children get the best healthcare possible in the case of an emergency. The website covers news, publications, training, and even relevant legislation.

    Critical Info Current News

  13. ED Trauma Critical Care

    The blog focuses around emergency medicine and practice relevant to trauma. You can subscribe to the Twitter or RSS feeds for regular updates on trauma and critical care medicine.

    Critical Info Early Fluid Resuscitation In Severe Trauma

  14. Life in the Fast Lane

    Life In The Fast Lane is run by Australasian emergency physicians and intensivists working on advancing e-Learning for the sake of progressive emergency medical practices.

    Critical Info R&R In The Fast Lane

  15. Journal Watch Emergency Medicine

    Journal Watch sifts through countless medical journals and compiles the most crucial information for health professionals. It includes a wide variety of audio clips and specialized blogs.

    Critical Info Clinical Conversations

  16. The Air Medical Physician Association

    AMPA is the voice of physicians and professionals involved in medical transport. The organization offers a research grant and other opportunities for career and educational growth in emergency medical transport.

    Critical Info Scientific Forum Abstracts

  17. National Association for Search & Rescue

    NASAR is a non-profit organization that provides services for active Search and Rescue personnel. NASAR offers training and certification as well as conferences and other opportunities to learn from the best in the field.

    Critical Info Education

  18. Wilderness Medical Society

    Wilderness Medical Society was started 30 years ago to begin advocating for advancing medical practices in the wilderness and providing information for those emergency medical responders. It now oversees numerous publications such as Wilderness Medicine Magazine and Wilderness Medical Society: Practice Guidelines for Emergency Care.

    Critical Info Research

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Paramedic & EMS Sites

Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and other emergency responders have developed a strong community online where they share stories from their work and promote useful products and tools that they use.

  1. The EMS Roundtable

    The EMS Roundtable is a blog with posts that ground paramedics and EMS technicians back to earth. The author claims that many EMS and paramedics are egotistical and claim to “know it all”. The forum is designed to confront questions individuals might not have the answer to and are seeking help.

    Critical Info Living The Vision

  2. EMS Basics

    EMS Basics gives information and helpful tips to being an effective paramedic. The archives are flush with helpful posts, but the most intriguing thing about this blog is the “Scenarioville”, which allows current and even prospective paramedics an opportunity to work on situational obstacles.

    Critical Info Welcome to Scenarioville

  3. EMS Office Hours

    EMS Office Hours is a helpful blog that discusses various topics in the EMS community, but also includes a podcast with each blog post that expands on a given subject.

    Critical Info EMS Trauma Tips: Solid Abdominal Organs

  4. EMS1

    EMS1 is a comprehensive website that includes news, photos, videos, as well as jobs. It’s an overall great source for happenings in the paramedic community.

    Critical Info Exclusives

  5. EduMedic Blog

    This blog is run by paramedics and is designed with paramedics in mind. The author provides advice for problems in the paramedic world, more centered around the employee facet, rather than on-the-job problems.

    Critical Info Your Work Matters

  6. Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog

    Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog is all about ECG’s. He discusses, in depth, scenarios centered around an ECG and explains how or why things occur like they do in given situations.

    Critical Info Acute Pulmonary Edema, Respiratory Failure, and LBBB

  7. ECG Interpretation

    Dr. Ken Grauer digs deep into ECGs in this blog by posting highly clinical analysis of tests and diagnoses with which he has personal experience.

    Critical Info ECG Interpretation Review #61

  8. Common Cents EMS Supply

    Common Cents looks to supply paramedics with all the supplies they need and includes free shipping on orders over $100.

    Critical Info Information Center

  9. Casualty Simulation

    Casualty Simulation sells products to aid in creating more realistic versions of scenarios that paramedics may or will be faced with. A variety of parts are for sale, from anatomical replicas of bodies and body parts, to replica animals, as well as effects and make-up.

    Critical Info Custom Fabrication

  10. Emergency Medical Paramedic

    Emergency Medical Paramedic is a blog run by a practicing paramedic and comes with basic info for becoming a paramedic. Additionally, the blog provides emergency notes for managing common situations paramedics face.

    Critical Info ECG Interpretation

  11. Resus M.E!

    Resus M.E! is a blog dedicated solely to practices relevant to resuscitation. Dr. Cliff Reid, who runs the blog, scans over 40 journals, as well as national and international sources.

    Critical Info The Importance of First Pass Success

  12. National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians handles a wide variety of responsibilities regarding being an EMT, with information on supporting the community of EMTs, ways to continue education, and to improve understanding and appreciation of the members they represent.

    Critical Info Our Mission

  13. National Association of State EMS Officials

    NASEMSO is an organization that advocates for further developing policy and oversight relevant to EMS and emergency care systems on local and state, as well as national levels.

    Critical Info Air Medical Projects

  14. National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation

    NCEMSF gives an identity and voice to members of emergency medical services that are currently attending college.

    Critical Info Broadcast Announcements

  15. National EMS Association

    The National EMS Association looks at EMS activity as an aggregate and consolidates local and state agendas into a fully functioning organization.

    Critical Info Gallery

  16. EMS Garage

    EMS Garage is a non-profit weekly podcast that breaks down news, education, and fun facts regarding being an EMT. Additionally, they take a look at ambulance information and various facets to paramedics and EMTs.

    Critical Info Live Broadcast

  17. How to Become an EMT

    As evident from the title, this website deals exclusively with how to become an EMT. It breaks the position down into pay, physical requirements, what exactly an EMT does, among other things.

    Critical Info EMT Requirements

  18. Paramedic Association of Canada

    The voice of paramedics in Canada, be it in English or French, is the Paramedic Association of Canada. The website helps Canadian paramedics with resources and links to becoming a better paramedic.

    Critical Info News

  19. Gomerville

    Gomerville follows a paramedic from Kentucky who specializes in organ procurement and the happenings in his career as well as his personal life.

    Critical Info The Ethics of Data Mining in Healthcare

  20. Burned Out Medic

    Burned Out Medic posts various stories of the author’s experiences as a paramedic. The blog maintains a fairly casual, though enjoyable, tone.

    Critical Info Big Talkers

  21. Captain Chair Confessions

    Captain Chair Confessions looks at what it is like to be an EMT handling patients in the back of an ambulance. He provides interesting introspect into the frustrations of the position.

    Critical Info A Comment From Flash Larry on “Who is the customer / You Make The Call”

  22. My Variables Only Have 6 Letters

    My Variables Only Have 6 Letters is the blog of a computer programmer-turned-EMT, who has a passion for both fields and commits a majority of his time to them. The blog mostly chronicles the EMT side, but uses programming as interesting supplementary information.

    Critical Info Whiteboard Cardiology

  23. Everyday EMS Tips

    Everyday EMS Tips is one of the leading independent EMS blogs. The author is passionate about providing quality material for fellow EMTs and even has discussions with other blog authors.

    Critical Info Hot Topics

  24. Medical Author Chat

    Medical Author Chat interviews various members in the medical field for the experiences and advice to others in the field. The author, and host of the accompanying podcast, Greg Friese, takes great pride in putting together quality information for those who follow his blog.

    Critical Info Author Interview: Paramedic Bob Holdsworth on WGN Radio

  25. Insomniac Medic

    Insomniac Medic follows a paramedic, formerly based out of London, but now works in Israel. He details his experiences of relocating and the work accomplished in Israel.

    Critical Info The Story So Far

  26. EMS 12-Lead

    EMS 12 Lead is run by three paramedics who detail their experiences in various EMT positions. The author made his own smartphone app called 12-Lead ECG and also writes for

    Critical Info EMS 12-Lead Podcast

  27. Chief Supply

    Chief Supply carries a variety of gear for paramedics, firefighters, and police officers, ranging from clothes and shooting targets to first aid and scrubs.

    Critical Info EMS


    Life Medical Supplier centers their available products around EMTs and paramedics. Categories are highly specialized, with infection control and burn and wound care being a few.

    Critical Info Featured Products

  29. is a gateway for those looking to gain a career as an EMT, but also provides a wide variety of podcasts for supplementary information.

    Critical Info Top Sites

  30. The Boerewors Emergency Medicine Chronicles

    Boerewors Emergency Medicine Chronicles is the blog of an emergency nurse practitioner on the east coast of England. Most of the posts are relevant to personal life, but occasionally do concern issues in the paramedic world.

    Critical Info Transubstantiation: Part Six: T-Minus 1 Day

  31. A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver

    A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver is the blog of a light-hearted ambulance driver and his musings on various subejcts.

    Critical Info Public Service Announcement: Domestic Violence Edition

  32. MsParamedic

    Ms. Paramedic works for a private emergency service in the south and the blog covers a variety of issues relevant to working for a large emergency service after working for a smaller operation.

    Critical Info The Other Side of the Radio


    EMS Blogs is a comprehensive website that compiles interesting blogs relevant to the EMS field.

    Critical Info Did You Know?

  34. Advocates for EMS

    Advocates for EMS is a coalition that consolidates major EMS organizations under one moniker to streamline information to those interested.

    Critical Info Learn Our Issues

  35. The National Association of EMS Educators

    NAEMSE is a resource for professional educators in the field of EMS. They provide programs, events, various publications, and exclusive content.

    Critical Info Webinars

  36. International Association of Emergency Medical Services Chiefs

    IAEMSC is a worldwide organization for emergency medical service chiefs that serves as a forum for discussing global trends in the emergency medical community.

    Critical Info Leadership

  37. Pedi-U

    Pedi-U was created to further bring to light practices for emergency services concerning children. The website also has an effective podcast.

    Critical Info Pedi-U Live!

  38. The MedicCast

    The MedicCast is a constant source of emergency medically related news. A podcast and video episodes are also available.

    Critical Info Teen Gives Dad Heimlich for His Birthday

  39. Medic Madness

    Medic Madness follows a passionate medic as he discusses various issues on the job and what things to typically expect in the position.

    Critical Info If Mitt Romney Was a Paramedic

  40. The EMT Spot

    The EMT Spot acknowledges the fast pace that not only the job entails, but also medical practice in general. The blog is designed to help those involved keep up with the constant progression of events in the paramedic community.

    Critical Info Fifteen Ways to be an Awesome EMT in 2013

  41. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

    NREMT is the official organization for becoming a certified EMT. The website details the exam process, general policies, and includes research and studying tools.

    Critical Info State EMS Agency Information

  42. Trauma Queen

    Trauma Queen is run by a paramedic based in Edinburgh, Scotland who writes and photographs his adventures and experiences in his job.

    Critical Info Turn Up and Be There.

  43. Transport Jockey

    Transport Jockey is a fresh, young paramedic based in New Mexico who wants to share his posts of getting used to being a full-time paramedic.

    Critical Info Update From The Test

  44. Paramedic Blog

    Long-time paramedic Dan White has been working in the field since 1981 and has also designed a number of products to help patients and EMTs.

    Critical Info How Not To Start an IV

  45. Probie To Practitioner

    Probie to Practitioner follows new EMTs as they navigate their new position and continue to go through the process of various certifications.

    Critical Info My First NREMT Exam

  46. Life Under the Lights

    Life Under the Lights follows an avid EMT and the various topics he posts related to his career.

    Critical Info Ideas From The Field

  47. Back of the Medic

    Back of the Medic follows a woman’s life of being a medic and the challenges she faces mentally and emotionally with the job.

    Critical Info When Bad Things Happen to Responders

  48. A Work in Progress

    A Work In Progress ponders various issues EMTs face, and personally, how this EMT handles or would handle them.

    Critical Info Stay And Play

  49. Rogue Medic

    Rogue Medic looks at an array of social and civil issues relevant to the EMS field.

    Critical Info Powerful Union Keeps Promoting The Myth That More Medics Mean Better Patient Care

  50. Salty Medic

    Salty Medic is an inquisitive Medic based in Seattle who posts on issues in the EMT field. The posts are fairly comprehensive and relevant to the field.

    Critical Info Developing Your Agency Ongoing Training Plan

  51. The Happy Medic

    The Happy Medic is based in San Francisco Bay Area and explains hardships and the joys of the job, along with detailed experiences.

    Critical Info Not Lost In Translation

  52. The Paramedic’s Diary

    The Paramedic’s Diary looks at the experiences of being a paramedic in one of the fastest-paced cities in the world—London.

    Critical Info Getting Back on the Horse

  53. Too Old To Work, Too Young To Retire

    This southern-infused blog on being an EMT is full of character and small anecdotes from a seasoned paramedic.

    Critical Info A New Rule Is Born

  54. maddogmedic

    After an existential awakening, Mad Dog Medic decided to pursue a profession that would enable him to help people and now works as a paramedic in the Middle East.

    Critical Info Can You Hear Me Now?

  55. Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic

    Street Watch is the second blog from this author which expands on posts of his initial blog, titled Paramedic Journal.

    Critical Info In Praise of Cemsmac

  56. Rescue Essentials

    Rescue Essentials carries the most important gear necessary for emergency rescue personnel, from medical kits to travel medicines.

    Critical Info New Products

  57. Discount EMS Supplies

    Discount Medical Supplies has a wide variety of useful tools and apparel for EMTs and paramedics at discount prices.

    Critical Info Bargain Bin

  58. Bound Tree Medical

    Bound Tree Medical is a specialty distributor of emergency medical equipment and the customer service representatives are EMT-experienced.

    Critical Info Quick Order

  59. A day in the life of a Paramedic’s Wife

    A Day in the life of a Paramedic’s Wife looks at a different side of being an EMT and examines introspection from the wife of a seasoned paramedic and the effects the job has had on their relationship and family.

    Critical Info A Journey To the Center of My Heart

  60. Paramedicine 101

    Paramedicine is a resource for emergency clinicians that allows them to further develop skills in the relative field.

    Critical Info ECG Case 9

  61. flobachrepublic

    This well-traveled Australian paramedic details his experiences in his job and finishing post-graduate certifications.

    Critical Info Border Security

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Air Ambulance & Emergency Transport

Air ambulances fly to hard-to-reach locations and airlift people out to the nearest hospital for treatment. While most air ambulances are helicopters, some areas of inhospitable terrain may require airplanes and even seaplanes for emergency medical transport.

  1. Air Critical Care

    Air Critical Care specializes in transporting patients long distance with the highest degree of safety, while still moving those being cared for in the fastest way possible. The planes are equipped with the best medical equipment to ensure a safe arrival.

    Critical Info Air Ambulance

  2. AirMed

    AirMed is a particularly useful site when getting sick on vacation or business. They provide care for cases in which medical services may not be readily available in a remote area and the fastest and safest transportation to some of the best hospitals in the country.

    Critical Info Family Plan

  3. American Care Air Ambulance

    American Air Care has bases in California, Washington, Florida, and Alaska, but also has medical directors in Asia and Europe. Their goal is to provide the safest transportation as an air ambulance, but also in situations where a medical escort is needed internationally.

    Critical Info Our Aircraft

  4. Association of Air Medical Services

    AAMS is a non-profit organization that aims to serve providers of air and medical service transport systems. They aim to give a voice to those who support communities worldwide.

    Critical Info Education and Meetings

  5. Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association

    ASTNA is a non-profit organization concerning transport nurses. They provide information on how to get involved with becoming a transport nurse, but they also have a membership program that provides discounts and more information on happenings in the transport nursing community.

    Critical Info Helpful Links

  6. National EMS Pilots Association

    NEMSPA is the voice of medical transportation pilots. The non-profit provides resources and a membership to the organization has a plethora of information.

    Critical Info Bulletin Board

  7. Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems

    CAMTS strives to implement innovations to medical transport systems and handles the their accreditation. The information on the website is designed for medical transport groups seeking to gain accreditation.

    Critical Info Accreditation Resources

  8. Air Ambulance 1 is a site for locating a proficient group of emergency medical technicians for transporting and assisting patients around the globe.

    Critical Info Company Overview

  9. Air Ambulance Worldwide

    Air Ambulance Worldwide specializes in emergency transportation services and assists customers from pickup through their arrival at an approved medical facility.

    Critical Info Air Ambulance

  10. Angel MedFlight

    Angel MedFlight underlines the importance of caring and keeping patients safe and this is something they provide thoroughly in any given experience with their emergency transport services.

    Critical Info Services

  11. International Association of Flight & Critical Care Paramedics

    IAFCC is an organization that advocates for professionals working as in-air paramedics and gives them grounds for furthering their careers.

    Critical Info Resources

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Emergency Room

There’s a reason so many medical dramas on TV concentrate on the emergency room. The ER is where the most time-senstive, most extreme, and most dramatic cases in a hospital go first. Ideally, many ER patients will be transferred to other parts of the hospital after having been stabilized, but what happens in the ER really can be a life and death proposition.

  1. EMCrit Blog

    EMCrit Blog centers around becoming a more proficient resuscitationist. Posts go in depth over a variety of subjects relevant to resuscitation and podcasts are regularly added for increased content.

    Critical Info Critical Care Palliation with Ashley Shreves

  2. ER Stories

    ER Stories gets into various stories from emergency rooms, many of them with light-hearted and happy tones for good reading.

    Critical Info Honesty

  3. Impacted Nurse

    Impacted Nurse is designed to look at personal issues nurses face with the environment they are subjected to working in. As the most visible part of a hospital experience, they are constantly dealing with many issues. Impacted Nurse looks at those issues to better assess and alleviate any problems.

    Critical Info Compassion Fatigue

  4. WhiteCoat’s Call Room

    WhiteCoat’s Call Room is a blog centered around an emergency room physician who chronicles the struggles of the job they’re faced with every day. Many times, introspection into social issues rises out of analyzing simple medical ailments.

    Critical Info The Book and Its Cover

  5. Tales from the ER

    Tales From the ER follows stories of an Emergency Room physician, with many humor stories, but occasionally sad tales. Names and locations are altered as to avoid breaking any confidentiality agreements.

    Critical Info EM Case Quiz

  6. ER JEDI

    ER Jedi acknowledges his or her lack of memory, so this blog serves as a record of various experiences as a resident doctor in an emergency room.

    Critical Info How To Be A Real Emergency Physician

  7. Those Emergency Blues

    The blog is run by emergency department workers who view the healthcare system with increasing skepticism. They provide opinion and insight into the workings of emergency healthcare.

    Critical Info The Value of Nurses

  8. Movin’ Meat

    Movin’ Meat is the blog of an ER Physician in the Pacific Northwest. The posts range from local issues to medical problems throughout the country.

    Critical Info Mayor Bloomberg and Narcotics

  9. The Trauma Professional’s Blog

    The Trauma Professional’s Blog is run by a Director of Trauma Service in St. Paul, Minnesota and details various procedures and helpful information concerning trauma patients.

    Critical Info Grading Spleen Injuries – Simplified

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